Client Testimonials

Below are sample testimonial statements from current and previous clients. 


'You've reminded me how to be more caring and respectful of myself. I was surprised that some of what we found stayed with me for so long as a reminder of a vulnerability I haven't felt in a long time in the presence of another.  Your touch is beautifully natural - a real gift.

     - F.W., Dublin, Ireland


'Our session today was a very special experience for me. You are an amazing, sensitive, and intuitive person and I'm feeling grateful for finding you.  The exercises were not easy - at some point I either wanted to leave or cry - but your gentle touches and nonjudgemental presence allowed me to feel safe.  Thank you for all the pleasure, joy, and learning.'

     - F.K., Hungary



'Thanks for the acceptance and trusting atmosphere you provided that gave me the opportunity to open up to my fear and conflicting emotions. Now that all this repressed sexuality has come to the surface, I feel more in a position not to repress it again.  This is exactly what I want in my life right now.'
     - P.M., Meath, Ireland


'Thank you for witnessing and guiding my process.  The session was just as I'd hoped it would be. The cathartic tears freed me."  
     - Q.N., California


'I trusted my body to you and loved how you understood it and were very in tune with me. I found comfort in your professionalism.

     - F.C., Wicklow, Ireland

'What you gave to my Heart was beautiful.  I have no words to describe it.  You are healing my soul.  Thank you very much."
     - V.C., Dublin, Ireland


'It was a very powerful, deep, and inspiring experience. Vajrand, you have a great awareness and a strong, intuitive, authentic presence. You got right away a deep insight into my current struggles and helped me to see them so clearly. I feel like the Universe is telling me that there is this Beauty within me and it is time to bring it out and fully appreciate it.' 

     - B.T., Poland  

'Vajrand, you are clearly committed to both your own personal growth and professional development, having both technical skill and an intuitive touch. Thank you.'
     - B.H., Canada

'Thank you, Randy, for your professional help.  Recommended.  You gave me a safe space in which to be strong and vulnerable.  King amongst men.  I am blessed to know you.'
    - K.E., Arklow, Ireland

'I have never before been touched like that by a man.  My experience with you was nothing less than a somatic epiphany."  
     - A.P., England


'I wanted to explore my issues around intimacy, avoidance, and my inability to form long-term loving relationships as well as exploring my sexuality.  All these issues are so related.  It has been awhile since I've been on the receiving end of such attention!

I made the right decision to come to you and so glad I found you.  I trusted your presence very much as a healer to go deeply and authentically into process with me.

You gave me the gift of freedom and confidence I needed so badly.  Thank you!'

     - D.M., Dublin, Ireland


'I felt really comfortable and relaxed with you. You approached my body with respect and I felt safe with you touching and exploring me.  I felt reassured and respected.  I felt heard.  I trusted you, and you remained loyal to that trust.  Thank you, Randy.'
     - L.O., Maynooth, Ireland


'You approached me and my body professionally.  You have good boundaries, and you communicated them well.  I found you gentle and unbiased.  You are so right for this work because you're calm and centred.  You also love women and feel the desire to help them open their bodies.  I got a lot out of our sessions.  Thank you so much.
     - R.O., Belfast, Ireland

'I trusted you immediately when I met you, and my sense proved correct.  Despite being an avid explorer of human sexuality, I had not given much time to exploring myself.  It felt daunting, but I chose to do this in order to challenge myself and learn more about my body in a supportive environment.  You were my 'coach' and I was delighted to experience your sensitivity, appropriateness and encouragement.  With your support, I was able to truly explore.  I warned you that I wanted a clinical approach - I was looking for knowledge rather than information.  You respected and delivered on my request - and no doubt would have done so with equal integrity had I been coming from a 'sacred' approach.  It was a privilege to work with you, Randy, on my project of self-discovery.  I highly recommend you as a truly client-centred practitioner.'
     - J.T., England


'It became evident during our sessions how much I hold back and limit myself from experiencing a magical reality with so many possibilities. You challenged me kindly in my resistance. I was unable to hide any more. I felt seen in the most vulnerable space. I acknowledged and witnessed my fears.  You held me with great care, grace and love in my vulnerability. I felt reassured that I don’t have to hesitate anymore about what my next step on the journey is. I feel very encouraged & empowered and trust that I am fully capable of moving forward into more expanded and enriching space. Thank you, Randy, for clarifying so much for me.'
     - D.G., England


"I am not what has happened to me.  I am what I choose to become."

  ~ Carl Jung

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"Sex is the quintessential reality of the human species."

  ~ Valerie Schwan

"Frequent, pleasurable touch results in positive changes in brain tissue."

  ~ Caffyn Jesse