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Neuroplasticity - how even your most hardened habits/experiences can change

'We know that the brain's structure and function can change throughout life, even as adults.  It means you can train your brain to better manage which emotions surface when and for how long.
We've learned that the capacity to savor a positive experience and to allow it to permeate your activities and give a positive glow to everyday interactions gives people the capacity to persist in activating the brain regions critical for positive emotion and to sustain this activation more over time, making room for more joy, and higher levels of well-being'

Click here to read Richard Davidson's Neuroplasticity article on the Huffington Post 

"I am not what has happened to me.  I am what I choose to become."

  ~ Carl Jung

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"Sex is the quintessential reality of the human species."

  ~ Valerie Schwan

"Frequent, pleasurable touch results in positive changes in brain tissue."

  ~ Caffyn Jesse