Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sexological Bodywork?

* Sexological Bodywork is a legal profession whose educational certification has been approved by the State of California.  It is an educational approach to learning about your own body and its capabilities.  It is a compassionate, somatic healing for your sexuality and relationships that allows you to explore the stories, blocks, pleasures, and desires you carry.  

Somatic Sex Education goes where traditional talk-only therapy cannot.  Sexological Bodyworkers are uniquely trained to do genital and anal touch for education, healing, and pleasure, helping students to have an empowered voice as they learn how to communicate about the touch they want.

All touch during a session is one-way.  The student receiving touch is empowered to focus on their own needs and experience - outside the dynamics of an interactive, erotic relationship.  Additionally, Sexological Bodyworkers remain clothed and wear gloves for all internal touch, ensuring the physical safety of our students.

Counteracting patterns of cultural and personal shame can be profoundly healing to the person receiving.  Practitioners are trained to be present as a compassionate witness to all that is unfolding in the body, mind, spirit and emotions of their students.

Do you serve people with disabilities?

* Yes. I understand how important it is for everyone - especially individuals with disabilities - to be empowered to experience their full sexual expression, in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Clients will be provided with the space to be able to explore and express their sexual self in ways that are safe and pleasurable. I can work in conjunction with a medical doctor or therapist, and a carer may be present during sessions, if needed or desired. Please get in contact to discuss specific needs and what is possible.

What ages do you serve?

* Any person over the legal age of consent is welcome to use my services.  Non-contact educational work may be available for those under the legal age of consent with the consent of a parent legal guardian, and/or as advised by a medical doctor.  People are sensual, sexual beings and need loving presence, touch, someone to talk to and share with throughout their entire lives.


Do I have to have a sexual "problem" in order to book a session?

* No.  While there are many who have deep healing to do, many others don't identify as having any 'issues', but simply wish to enhance themselves, to go deeper with themselves. Sometimes a client wishes to learn and explore new things, new ways of expression and being that they might be afraid, ashamed, or unwilling to with their current partner(s), and unable to by themselves.

I have (internal or external) scar tissue, can you help?

* Yes. Pain in the pelvis and/or pelvic floor affects at least 80% of women at some time in their lives.  Sometimes this pain clears on its own, but often women are left with nagging discomfort that can last for years.  This can be caused by a number of factors - surgery, childbirth, injury or illness. There is no need to suffer in silence or feel embarrassed about seeking professional help.  Sexological Bodyworkers are trained to work directly with (internal and external) scar tissue.  Many other health professionals do not know how to help.

Did you know:

- scars are not necessarily forever
- scars can become more resilient
- scars on mucosal membranes can disappear completely
- pain from scars can be eliminated in just three sessions

What is the cost of a session?

* Fees are charged on a 'per session' basis, with rates generally similar to what one would expect to pay for other highly experienced and trained specialist professionals.   Specific charges will be disclosed during the first/initial consultation, once we have had an opportunity to share and learn from each other about what is needed and can be offered, when and where.

What is the duration of a session?

* Session duration can range from 90 minutes to three hours.  This time includes discussion of current challenges, intentions, bodywork (if appropriate), rest/integration time, and closure/debriefing.  It is recommended to plan on a minimum of three sessions in order to maximize the benefits, especially if there are specific, persistent issues.  There may be follow-up contact between sessions. The frequency of visits will be according to your needs and our mutual availability.

What hours do you see students/clients?

* Appointments are available most daytime hours.  In special circumstances, evening appointments may be arranged.

"I am not what has happened to me.  I am what I choose to become."

  ~ Carl Jung

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"Sex is the quintessential reality of the human species."

  ~ Valerie Schwan

"Frequent, pleasurable touch results in positive changes in brain tissue."

  ~ Caffyn Jesse